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I tie Timberlake's shoes.


Memphis Mack Daddy
26 November
I am the real second "N" in *NSYNC. Lance was just filling in for me till I made a career decision. Shit, don't believe me? My name really ends in an "N." Lance don't. Either does James or Carl. Fuck that albino.

I used to leech off Justin Timberlake, now I'm a proffessional personal assistant turned clothing designer. Currently I'm the man behind William Rast clothing, this is not to be confused with my last attempt at clothing design TRACE THIS, BITCH!

You wanna talk to me and you can't reach comment me. Maybe I'll let you give me head.

[I'm a fake; nothing's real. I am not "Juan Ayala" and this is for entertainment purposes only. READ THE DISCLAIMER biotch! And for the record, steal my icons, I'll steal yours. NOOCH! DONT FORGET! this journal is fake. its for entertainment reasons only. its a work of fan fiction. Not him. No malice or harm is intended. It's just for fun. Please read the DISCLAIMER before harrassing me about it.]